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Informations about our air film systems, air cushion systems and all other products are available in German only. We are translating the information into English in the near future but the task is not yet finished. However, we do have certain information in English. Please have a look at some of our products. Don't hesitate to contact us byE-Mail.

Manual Systems

Manual handling systems include standard and customised products.

Modular Air Film systems are designed to move various types of heavy loads and items of machinery. The system consists of four or six air bearing modules, hoses and fittings, for moving machinery weighing 7 to 240 tonnes. The modules are placed under the load to be moved and connected to a control unit, also provided. Compressed air is connected to the control unit, and this enables the air bearings to create an almost friction-free film of air on which the load can be floated

Air Film Plank Systems is the perfect solution for moving machines, vehicles, steel fabrications, seatings and heavy components in factories and workshops. The Plank System are usually used in pairs, each beam equipped with two air bearings and one control unit in a single construction. The handling is equal to the Modular Air Film System..

Manual Air Cushion System

Standard Systems

For a more frequent use, we recommend customised movers working with air bearings or wheels. Movers are used in continuous production line operations and offer greater flexibility, better ergonomics and working conditions, more efficient group assembly and improved productivity

Thanks to close communication with our customers, we have identified the need for different standard products for a variety of situations. Therefore, we offer a wide range of flexible modular handling systems designed specifically for occasional moves of heavy industrial equipment and machinery, and of standard movers that handle specific items such as paper rolls or cable drums

Air Cushon Transporter

Customised Systems

We specialize in custom-made handling systems, based either on the unique air bearings or on conventional wheels with a variety of drive units and controls. Special interface equipment can also be designed to provide safe lifting, tilting and rotation. In partnership and co-operation with our customers, our engineering team chooses the appropriate technology for every project.

Our range of customised systems includes movers for use with or without separate load pallets, special assembly jigs and turntables. Energy supply systems and hose reels cable drums may also be included in the customized system.

A system handles a load of 5 up to 5,000 tonnes with equal ease, precision and safety.

Customised Systems for Transformator handling

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